About us

Dear patients from abroad,

About Health care in the Netherlands.

The first port of call for all your health care needs is the general practitioner (GP). We can sort most problems out ourselves in primary care, but if necessary can arrange a referral to secondary care (the specialists in the hospital). Without a referral from us as your GPs you cannot make an appointment with a specialist in the hospital, the costs would not be covered by your insurance company.

You would usually register with a GP near your home address, we are accepting new patients living at the postal code 2611.

We can do things like cervical smears (PAP smear) and contraception ourselves, you do not need a referral for that.


Health Screening


Regular health checks for children up to aged 4 are done at the Community Clinic for children called Consultatie Bureau, which is located near your home.

For children over 4 years those checks are done by the Community Health Service (GGD). You will get information about the GGD from the school your child attends.



All registered citizens will get invitations for screening send to their home address for the following


If you have any further questions about our services please don’t hesitate to ask.


Yours sincerely,

mw. J.A. Bong, G.P.

mw. A.R. Klokke, G.P.